Cement tiles are a style in themselves. Quality cement tiles are always hand made and often provide unique designs to liven up your space. Cement tiles are unique in that they are not made using heat or a kiln, rather they are pressed.

Each tile is made one at a time, by hand. The craftsman first uses a mold to pour the different colored cement mixtures to create the top design of the tile. Once all the colors are poured, the mold is removed and the design is dusted with a powdered cement mixture to secure the artwork. The middle layer is then poured in and spread evenly. Finally, the last layer of a slightly courser cement is spread over.

After all the layers are layered in the mold, the tile is put in a press to secure it’s shape and durability. The tile is then removed from the press and dusted off to show the beautiful design.

Cement tiles can be used in numerous applications including: kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces. Cement tiles do need to be sealed and maintained, but they provide a beautiful accent to any space.