Making ceramic tiles is a tried and true method that has been perfected over the years. Ceramic tile is essentially a durable glaze sealed on a heat treated clay tile body. It is one of the best methods to use when looking to form a highly durable tile that holds color in its truest form.

It usually begins with a mix of clay, sand. and water. This mixture is pressed and heat treated in a mold which determines the shape of the tile. After the heat treatment, this product is called a “bisque”. The glaze is then applied to the top of the brique in either a solid color or design. It is fired again in a kiln, which solidifies the glaze and adds to the durability of the tile.

Ceramic tile is a versatile product that can be used in a wide variety of applications including: wall tile, flooring, showers, water features, and fireplaces. Due to the fact that ceramic tiles are offered in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns; they are used in designs of any style.

Ceramic tiles are a great selection for high traffic areas due to their durability. In addition, their stain resistant quality makes them an ideal selection for kitchen backsplashes. And finally, because the tile is fired at such a high heat, their application in fireplaces is widely used.